5 reasons not to hate Valentines Day

Scrolling the gram this morning I’m greeted with two types of people, it’s either hearts, flowers and mushy messages or those flashing a big old backwards v at poor old Cupid. Whether you’re married, engaged, in a relationship or single here are five reasons NOT to hate valentines day. 

Valentines Day is an excuse to share the love

Whether it be with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or just indulging in a bit of self-love with a face mask and a good movie. It’s a day of appreciation! Plus everyone knows that V day calories don’t count, so you enjoy those love hearts and M&Ms, and you do you boo.

Valentines day fashion

It’s an excuse for a meal or night out

Bars are busier, everyone tends to be in a happier mood and why not make the most of it and spend a little bit of quality time with your other half? Yes, I know that phrase “why not show love all year round” but as much as this is true, sometimes life gets in the way, so a day dedicated to showing love can’t be a bad thing hey?

Also, my single queens,  it’s a day to have a giggle at the couples who have popped out for dinner, neither of which want to be there, who spend 90% of the meal looking as if they would rather date their steak frites than the person opposite them.   

Marketing campaigns tend to be punnier

Did anyone spot the M&S “love sausage” campaign, which sent my inner pun queen into total overdrive? Because how else would you show you love someone than with a big old 400g heart-shaped pork sausage wrapped in streaky bacon (sorry vegans).

Another great display I saw was actually in Tesco where there was a huge card stand filled with Valentine’s cards and besides that a stand of condoms, I mean I won’t lie I totally enjoyed the honesty Tesco ha!

Valentines day fashion

There’s always that person has totally forgotten

Its absolute lols to look out for the people (most often men – sorry guys, but it’s true) that have clearly missed the red and pink paraphernalia dotted around over the last week and are frantically trying to choose a card and or gift for their significant other.

Key traits of this person: harassed looking expression, over the top number of gifts being selected, usually with a sales assistant asking for advice. It never fails to amuse me.

Is there anything better than half price chocolate?

I saved the best til last angels. So the day after Valentines Day – all of the chocolate and sweets go on sale in supermarkets. Half price Lindt? Lol yes. Discounted Cadbury’s? Come on. Money off Milk Tray? Mmm hmm, honey.

I hope at least one of these has brightened your day and hope that you enjoy whatever it is you’re up to this eve. But if your dead set on being a miserable git that’s ok too, and I hope you enjoy the half price treats tomorrow! 

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  1. Sarah February 14, 2019 / 4:29 pm

    What’s your thoughts on Galentines day on the 13th? Have fun 💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹

    • misshldolan
      February 14, 2019 / 5:03 pm

      Love the concept hate the name of it 😂♥️

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