5 things to help you focus when you’re feeling unmotivated

Today I’m talking focus, and how to get back in the groove when you’re feeling totally unmotivated.

It’s great when you’re feeling fresh and motivated and ready to slay the day. But when you’re working 9-5, trying to fit in the gym, socialising, get 8 hours sleep, a decent skin care routine as well as trying to keep up with blogging – it can be tiring and there will be days where you’re just over it. Next in my blogger tips series is 5 things to help when you’re feeling unmotivated.

1. Unlock extra time

If you’ve already got a busy day planned and by the time the evening rolls around your sights are well and truly set on series 2 of Sinner, do not fret. There’s likely to be plenty of time to be unlocked that you just hadn’t thought of. When I started my new job I was disgruntled to find that the majority of my commute was without internet signal, how was I going to participate in hilarious WhatsApp convos, respond to Instagram comments and aimlessly scroll Twitter?!

But just like that, I was gifted half an hours worth of blog time.

If you have a journey ahead of you use the time to draft/edit or come up with ideas. Think of that time as bonus time to get things done that you’d normally have to squeeze into another part of your busy day or just skip altogether. Scribble in a notepad or just jot down a few things in the notes section of your phone, whichever you prefer. This will help when you arrive at work or home and feel like you’ve already completed something on your to-do list.

2. Make the most of feeling motivated

Get as much done as you can while you’re in the mood and bursting with ideas. Do you ever get those moods where you’re literally bubbling with blog ideas and you see inspiration everywhere. The only problem is finding the time to write it all down and know when to post it. Try and write as much as you can during this time and schedule content to be released regularly so you have a bank of blogs to post when you’re experiencing a dip.

If you’re anything like me you’ll want to post everything as soon as you write it, but this isn’t always the best way to keep consistency – I still need to get better at this.

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3. Make a plan and stick to it

This applies to both blogging and everyday tasks. When everything is getting too much write down what you need to do. Categorise into urgent, needs to be done soon and can be done later. This will help you to focus your efforts on what needs to be done first and foremost and what can wait until later.

This plan can be made in note form or can take the shape of a spreadsheet, whichever suits you best. You can go one step further and make a note of what photos you’ll need to complete each task and if you’ll need help from a friend or family member with taking pics or idea generation.

4. Give yourself a deadline

If you’re working with a brand on a campaign, ask for a deadline. Or just put a completion date next to the piece you want to complete. Sounds weird giving yourself a deadline right? But if you think about it that’s how the majority of us are wired to work and are used to completing tasks, starting at school you have deadlines, moving into your adult life where this continues into your work life.

By having a deadline or goal, will help to focus you and prioritise what you need to do. This should help you to get things done and stop blogs sitting there half finished for weeks (this is another one I struggle with).

5 tips to help with being unmotivated

5. Take a break, KitKat optional

Hang on isn’t this is meant to be about staying motivated? Yes. Taking a break will help you stay motivated believe it or not. If your brain is too clogged up with everything and you can’t think straight, take a break and don’t beat yourself up about it. Pop your phone onto “do not disturb”, go outside, pop to the gym, walk the dog, catch a movie – whatever relaxes you the most.

I have my phone on “do not disturb” while I’m at work so I can’t be distracted and I’ve also permanently switched my Instagram notifications off. It’s then my choice to check them when I have the time rather than being drawn to my phone, even when trying to switch off.

If there are any other things that help you to stay motivated I’d love to hear what they are so let me know in the comments!


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