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I set up this blog with the aim of encouraging people to feel more adventurous in their day-to-day lives, through fashion, travel or trying new things. 

I dithered around a bit when I first started blogging and worried about being nicheless – is that a word? And it put me off writing, which is daft because I’ve always loved to write.

I struggled to fit all of my thoughts, feelings and experiences into one category. How do you choose between travel, fitness or fashion? And don’t even get me started on food! But then I had a little word with myself, got organised and starting writing my no bullshit guide to everything from travel guides to the best dog-friendly eateries.

My favourite thing in the world is travelling and embracing different cultures and ways of life. I’m an avid explorer and love to explore new cities with the help of my sassy Pomeranian Bear (she features a lot) and we’re currently on a mission to eat our way across the UK as part of as part of my #DiningWithMyDog series.

I love collaborating with brands and bloggers so please email me if you would like to work together on creating something awesome: misshldolan@gmail.com

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Han xo