The reasons why I refuse to diet

I have had quite a few messages lately asking the type of food that I eat to stay in shape and how I maintain my diet, as to quote a few of my friends “because… View Post

How to get started with fitness

I used to be the queen of New Year’s resolutions – I think my fave was “I’m going to go to the gym every single day” and I’m cutting sugar. I’ll let you guess how… View Post

Namastay in bed: First Yoga Class

I had wanted to try a yoga class for ages but either the timing hadn’t been right, I didn’t have anyone to go with, I picked a faster pace class or I just chickened out… View Post

Açai what you did there..

I was super excited to receive my Sambazon Smoothie pack, as I’d wanted to try an Açai bowl for an absolute age. But being culinary challenged at the best of times (and a complete hazard… View Post

Hello, anxiety calling

I’ve been typically horrendous at blogging lately which is no surprise, but as it’s mental health week I thought I’d scribble a few lines and share my personal journey over the last year. After being… View Post