Behind the False Lashes: London Blogger

New year, New blog? Well yes, I did figure that Jan was a good time to rebrand and give my blog an overhaul but there were a few more reasons for the rebrand which I… View Post

Namastay in bed: First Yoga Class

I had wanted to try a yoga class for ages but either the timing hadn’t been right, I didn’t have anyone to go with, I picked a faster pace class or I just chickened out… View Post

Once upon a timepiece: ADEXE

ADEXE watches: more than just a way to pass the time. Spending the weekend at home in East Sussex in November is all I needed to start full Christmas mode, that and dressing my dog… View Post

5 things to help you focus when you’re feeling unmotivated

Today I’m talking focus, and how to get back in the groove when you’re feeling totally unmotivated. It’s great when you’re feeling fresh and motivated and ready to slay the day. But when you’re working… View Post

Ode to the Instagram husband

Dem if you’re reading this – this one is for you hun, a little appreciation post and a chance for everyone to find out the truth behind all those candid insta photos. Who wants to… View Post