2 nights in Budapest – City Guide  

I booked us a little city break to Budapest for Dems Christmas prezzie and boy what a city it turned out to be! Budapest surprised us so much. We’d heard it was nice but nothing… View Post

Venice: I’m gondala like this city

I try and avoid people as much as possible, I swear I’m a nice person but too many people, particularly when I’m on holiday just stresses me out. Venice being the size it is, doesn’t… View Post

Hasta Luego Barcelona

As many of you will have realised by the incessant holiday spam we’ve just got back from a fab week in Barcelona and had such a great time, I thought I’d round up some of… View Post

Dishing the dirt on travelling as a couple..

Anyone that says they went travelling with their bf/gf/significant other and didn’t argue at least once is lying to your face… Nearly 6 months living in each other’s pockets and being with each other every… View Post

I wish everyone was as nice to each other as drunk girls in club toilets…

Being back in London, first thoughts… Grey – has the sky always been this, well, grey? Why does everyone look SO miserable and why do I have to wear so many clothes? I’m going to… View Post