I wish everyone was as nice to each other as drunk girls in club toilets…

Being back in London, first thoughts… Grey – has the sky always been this, well, grey? Why does everyone look SO miserable and why do I have to wear so many clothes? I’m going to… View Post

Malaysia and Bali

We arrived in KL to a buzzing array of Chinese lanterns and once again felt the familiar pang of being completely lost in a new country! We’d booked into a hostel in the centre of… View Post

La Isla Bonita

On arrival in Samui, we knew there were some things that would definitely be happening; a long overdue catch up with Megsy & Eman, a private apartment with pool and of course the C bomb…… View Post

Magnificent Myanmar

On arrival in Myanmar at 11 pm local time, we grabbed a cab to our hostel, tired and ready for bed. We were surprised how built up the city seemed, spying BMW dealerships, a fancy… View Post

Cambodian charm

First thoughts on Cambodia? The people are SO welcoming and happy and the money is so damn confusing! We’d read in a few blogs that riel and dollars were both accepted but what we didn’t… View Post