3 days in Venice: I’m gondala like this city

I try and avoid people as much as possible, I swear I’m a nice person but too many people, particularly when I’m on holiday just stresses me out. But getting to spend 3 days in… View Post

Barcelona: Hasta Luego

As many of you will have realised by the incessant holiday spam we’ve just got back from a fab week in Barcelona and had such a great time, I thought I’d round up some of… View Post

Dishing the dirt on travelling as a couple..

Anyone that says they went travelling with their bf/gf/significant other and didn’t argue at least once is lying to your face… Nearly 6 months living in each other’s pockets and being with each other every… View Post

I wish everyone was as nice to each other as drunk girls in club toilets…

Being back in London, first thoughts… Grey – has the sky always been this, well, grey? Why does everyone look SO miserable and why do I have to wear so many clothes? I’m going to… View Post

Malaysia and Bali

We arrived in KL to a buzzing array of Chinese lanterns and once again felt the familiar pang of being completely lost in a new country! We’d booked into a hostel in the centre of… View Post