Malaysia and Bali

We arrived in KL to a buzzing array of Chinese lanterns and once again felt the familiar pang of being completely lost in a new country! We’d booked into a hostel in the centre of… View Post

La Isla Bonita

On arrival in Samui, we knew there were some things that would definitely be happening; a long overdue catch up with Megsy & Eman, a private apartment with pool and of course the C bomb…… View Post

Magnificent Myanmar

On arrival in Myanmar at 11 pm local time, we grabbed a cab to our hostel, tired and ready for bed. We were surprised how built up the city seemed, spying BMW dealerships, a fancy… View Post

Cambodian charm

First thoughts on Cambodia? The people are SO welcoming and happy and the money is so damn confusing! We’d read in a few blogs that riel and dollars were both accepted but what we didn’t… View Post

Nha Trang to Ho Chi Min City

Embarking on our third sleeper bus to Nha Trang we were looking forward to our little cosy cabins on wheels. Our experiences on the sleeper buses so far had been pretty good. This bus, however,… View Post