Ljubljana food guide: 7 great places to eat in Ljubljana

I like big snacks and I cannot lie… when a city rolls up with a new side dish, and a dumpling in my face, I get sprung! One of the best things about visiting a new city is getting to sample the local cuisine and Ljubljana truly spoils you. 

7 great places to eat in Ljubljana: here I’ll be unpacking some local delicacies and restaurants to try, so grab a fork and let’s get stuck in shall we… 

Ljubljana triple bridge

I hope our paths croissant again 

My recommendation for the most important meal of the day is pastry based, because I only have one type when it comes to holiday brekkie and she’s buttery and crescent shaped. Divine is a café/lounge set along the The Ljubljanica river and offers a wide coffee selection, delicious freshly made croissants, paninis, toasted sandwiches and great people watching opportunities.

A croissant (baked with apricot jam inside) coffee and fresh orange juice will set you back about €7 and will keep you going until it’s time to eat again… 

Perfect for: Breakfast vibes

Price: £

Visit: https://www.kavarna-divine.si/ 

7 great places to eat in Ljubljana

Just Desserts ~ Vigo

Each and every flavour is made in house and some may say this is the best ice-cream in Ljubljana. There are no rules on holidays so if you want to eat ice-cream for breakfast then you do you, boo. This place opens at 9:30am so make mine a latte and a double scoop of pralines and cream to go. 

At €2 a scoop it would be criminal not to sample at least two flavours while you’re visiting – plus a drizzle of chocolate sauce really gives it that je ne sais quoi.

Perfect for: A mid explore treat

Price: £

Visit: https://vigo-icecream.com/ljubljana/ 

7 great places to eat in Ljubljana - Vigo


Another accidental but excellent dining choice. I actually congratulated myself after mains with this one. The interiors give bouj French vibes aka my favourite and omg the pasta…

I ordered the handmade pasta Istrian style with mushrooms and asparagus (heavenly) and obviously I sampled Dem’s Sirovi struklji which are effectively cheese dumplings and tbh I don’t know which I enjoyed more. Let’s just say, I left content. I’m a huge advocate of bread with balsamic and olive oil but they also had pumpkin seed oil for dunking here which is a Slovenian treasure, finding its way to my heart/ stomach immediately.

Dessert was not necessary but I had heard great things about the prekmurska gibanica layer cake so when I spied it on the menu it felt rude not to try it. Made from shortcrust and filo pastry, apple, cottage cheese and walnuts it gives a fresh take on apple pie and does not disappoint. 

Perfect for: Small groups/ upmarket lunch

Price: ££

Visit: https://julijarestaurant.com/ 

Julija Slovenia

Central Market

If you visit Loubs on a Friday you’ll be lucky enough to swipe some street food from Central Market. Think street food stalls of every kind, al fresco dining, sip a pinot at 11am, take in the eclectic mix of aromas, colourful fruit and veg stalls and maybe even pick up a little souvenir for your pal that’s been looking after your pooch. 

Food wise there is literally something for everyone here: vegan, veggie, pan-Asian, Slovenian, paella, bao buns… you name it they have it. The toughest job you’ll have is deciding what to eat! 

Perfect for: Lunch time fuel

Price: £

Visit: https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/poi/central-market/ 

Central Market Ljubljana

Slovenska hiša

I’d scribbled the name of this place down before we arrived but we actually strolled past and ate here by snaccident. Traditional Slovenian cuisine at its finest, big portions, quirky décor and friendly staff. After sampling Goulash in Krakow when I spied it on the menu in Ljubljana there was no doubt in my mind on what to order here. Known locally as golaž, this is a delicious slow-cooked beef stew enriched with caramelised onion, served with warm homemade bread for a* dunking. Chefs kiss. 

Perfect for: Low key dinner

Price: ££

Visit: http://www.slovenskahisa.si/ 

Slovenska hiša

Restaurant Šestica

The golaž comes in a bread bowl, I repeat, bread bowl. This was a recommendation from our hotel and a mere 5 min wander away. The brief was: traditional Slovenian cuisine and they absolutely deliver that here. I tried the Kranjska sausage, a self confessed sucker for a sausage (behave) which is served with mash and enjoyed best with a glass of red. I plan on returning for the mushroom soup because I’ve heard great things…

Perfect for: Chilled dinner/small groups

Price: ££

Visit: http://www.sestica.si/en/home/ 

Restaurant Šestica Ljubljana

Restavracija Strelec

My 7 great places to eat in Ljubljana guide wouldn’t be comprehensive if it didn’t include a tasting menu. Set inside the walls of Ljubljana castle Strelec oozes romance and opulence, plus after another hike up to the castle in ridiculous footwear you truly feel like you’ve earnt your dinner.

We opted for the 5 course tasting menu prepared by Igor Jagodic, recognised as one of the top chefs in Slovenia coming in at €65pp with paired wines €33pp. How often can you say you’ve eaten dinner inside a castle? If you’re looking for a candlelit meal with a bit of pizazz then book a table at Strelec.

Restavracija Strelec

Favourite courses included veal sweetbread with black pepper sauce and onion pasta stuffed with cave-aged Jamar cheese. I didn’t know what sweetbread was before eating here and had convinced myself it was chicken tbh but the depth of flavour was out of this world. 

Perfect for: Date night/ intimate dinner 

Price: ££££

Visit: https://strelec.kaval-group.si/en 

Restavracija Strelec7 great places to eat in Ljubljana

7 great places to eat in Ljubljana: 

  • Restavracija Strelec
  • Julija
  • Slovenska hiša 
  • Vigo – Incredible ice cream shop
  • Divine
  • Restaurant Šestica
  • Central Market

Some dishes to sample whilst you’re in Ljubljana:

  • Sirovi struklji – side dish (like a cheese dumpling) 
  • Ričet – a traditional soup containing pot barley, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, & onions
  • Idrijski žlikrofi – Slovenian dumplings
  • Kranjska sausage
  • Slovenian potica – a traditional festive pastry from Slovenia. 
  • Lake Bled cream cake called Kremsnita
  • Local beer (let’s face it you have to try the local beer) – Union 

Ljubljana food guide

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 7 great places to eat in Ljubljana and have finished suitably hungry. Have you tried any Slovenian cuisine before and if so, did I miss any of your favourites? Let me know in the comments xo

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  1. juanitalikes April 12, 2022 / 4:54 pm

    OM Gosh, when on your hols just eat and eat. I mean it is a holiday after all lol. I haven’t tried a Ljubljana cuisine. Sounds like you had a smashing time and with all that site seeing, you would be famished : )


    • misshldolan
      April 12, 2022 / 6:21 pm

      Haha this is so true! We were constantly just thinking about where we were going to eat next 😂

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