Ode to the Instagram husband

Dem if you’re reading this – this one is for you hun, a little appreciation post and a chance for everyone to find out the truth behind all those candid insta photos. Who wants to find out what life is like as an Instagram husband…

London blogger best friend

Instagram husband: If you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes, what’s the point?

I thought I’d mix it up a bit and share a bit of truth on a few of my ‘grammed photos because let’s face it, Instagram isn’t real life. And if you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes in life, what’s the point! – Read the captions below the images to find out what really happened.

Cyprus Lebay Hotel
Instagram husband: Holiday edition – Had to warm him up a week before the holiday, set an alarm to get up at 7am to hit the pool before the area was invaded by screaming children. Huge thanks to the one dude that kept sharking around in the background for his 15 mins of fame, who actually clapped when we were finished.

I got this idea after seeing an Instagram post by @livewithelle giving a shout out to her boyfriend’s shadow and all the fabulous insta bfs out there. It made me think about the sheer number of Instagram boyfriends hanging around outside floral cafes, camera poised, willing for a thunderstorm to rain all over the photoshoot. So much time and effort goes into taking blog photos and they are SO important to bring the content to life – as I mention here. Also to be totally honest, most of the time these photos aren’t even taken by me.

Instagram boyfriend Peckham
Rushing to the airport – this one was too much for Dem and he was not in the mood to take photos. A mixture of time of the month and flying nerves = full blown tears, I think I used the phrase “you don’t even care”, screaming 2-minute row + had to re-do makeup on the train. Classy.

Instagram husband: Tripod and ring light on order

I’ve tried a bunch of things on Instagram to improve engagement, but what appears to be most popular amongst my audience is photos of what I’m up to and what I’m wearing. So here comes the issue… I need to be in the damn photos. I think the toughest thing is that sometimes I can’t take the photos I need myself – the tripod and ring light is on my Christmas wish list though angels. Because I know how important photography is for my blog and for promoting the various brands I’m working with, I really do need those shots.

Cyprus Instagram boyfriend
Had to bribe Dem with snacks for this one – if you look really hard you can see the supermarket we went to afterwards, in the background.

The peanut butter to my jam

Dem is great, he is so patient and will retake the “same” photo (it’s not the same) again and again until he gets the one where I look candid and wholesome. Honestly, if I screenshotted and posted his camera roll you would be rolling around the floor laughing. And if it’s not photos of me, it’s photos of the dog.

Cyprus Nissi Beach
Instagram husband: Cyprus edition – Not joking when I say 300 of these near identical photos were taken, this one was a total accident. Think I agreed to go to the bar afterwards, which never happens!

It isn’t always plain sailing though, we have been known to have full blown rows about my inability to get dressed and leave the house with a full-blown photo shoot (I’m not that bad I promise) but sometimes I just reallyyyyy need a pic of the newest piece of knitwear to grace my collection! Initially, he didn’t see the correlation between taking photos when we were out and about and the influx of product reviews and events I’d been invited to. But I think once I’d explained why I needed the photos and tried to pre-warn him when I’d need them, it became a little easier (that and threatening to hide the gifted BLANX toothpaste that he’s become quite fond of).

Instagram boyfriend Peckham
Instagram husband: Peckham edition – Man waiting in his car while I got the photo I needed – thanks hun. If you look really closely you can see the door of the black car is ajar. Picture the level of eye-rolling from Dem…

My biggest fan

But I am SO grateful to have someone who supports my passion, is patient enough to get all of those angles, plus a few extras just in case and always likes and shares each and every one of my blogs. Even though his largely football-based following probs couldn’t give two hoots about my new femmeluxe haul or that I’ve found a great new Acai bowl to try. I will be eternally grateful for all the missed trains, the amount of phone storage I’ve taken up and the amount of your time spent standing in the middle of a busy road trying to get my good side.

Instagram boyfriend airport edition
Instagram husband: airport edition – Dem openly laughing his head off at having to take a photo of me in an airport – even more so when the woman behind starting shooting filthy looks!

If you have any funny Instagram husband stories, I’d love to hear them! xo

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