The Aperol Spritz Big Birthday Social: London – Review

Sunsets, Garfield, Kenan and Kel, fake tan, orange Wednesdays – remember those, easy-jet (pushing it a bit with that one) but there are so many great things that spring to mind when you think of… View Post

Pomeranian pop-up cafe London: Review

I received an influx of messages alerting me to the fact that a Pomeranian pop-up  cafe was coming to London. So I did what any self-respecting Pom fan would do, I set a reminder for when tickets would be on sale, months in advance, and I waited.… View Post

Eylure Lash Review: 107 and Individuals

Bear with me here guys, I’m living a teenage dream right now. And yes I did just quote Katy Perry. Today I’m reviewing Eylure, which is a brand I’ve been wearing for over 15 years.… View Post

Underwear as outerwear: Sassy or trashy?

Anyone else feel like they’ve really got their shit together when they’re wearing matching underwear? Matching underwear and matching nail polish – that is a girl that has her life together. Aka not me. I… View Post

5 things I learnt about myself from completing the crystal maze

If she didn’t watch the crystal maze growing up – she’s too young for you bro. And to be totally honest, if she’s completed the crystal maze, she’s probably a keeper.  Fun fact: I used… View Post