Underwear as outerwear: Sassy or trashy?

Anyone else feel like they’ve really got their shit together when they’re wearing matching underwear? Matching underwear and matching nail polish – that is a girl that has her life together. Aka not me.

I went through a stage between 17-21 where I really wanted a boob job. And I came dangerously close to spending my student loan on one.

Think back to when people actually watched Big Brother, when Chantelle Houghton and Preston from the Ordinary boys were a couple. Jordan was at her peak. Juicy Couture was haute couture, Paul Smith handbags were a thing, TOWIE… yikes. What I’m hinting at here, is things change.

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Keep on pushing up

As you can probably tell, I didn’t get a boob job. Thank god.  I’m all for other gals and their boob jobs but it would have been an unnecessary addition for me and as you might remember I wrote briefly on my battle with fitting in and wanting to be the same as everyone else This was just another classic case of the “me too’s”.

I used to wear push up bras all the time. If I could have a word with 19 year old me now, I’d whip out a chicken fillet and give myself a slap with it. Instead of buying bras that actually fit my shape I’d buy ones that you could legitimately use to keep afloat – if my push up bras had been around in the days of Titanic, Rose AND Jack would both still be alive.

The big boob gene which most of my family inherited, skipped straight past me and just to add to the fun, when I lose weight guess where it disappears from first… thank you genetics, you the real MVP.

Hunkemoller lingerie

Lace bralettes are where it’s at

In all seriousness I’m now happy to celebrate pancake day every single day. No back ache or boob sweat here angel faces. I have to admit I don’t wear bras all the time – and prefer to go for lace camis or bralettes. They’re just comfier. I can’t stand under-wiring or anything restrictive and as long as my nipples are covered, I’m happy tbh.

One of the best things about bralettes is that when you’re getting changed, you know that everything is contained and your underwear can totally pass as a fashion choice (in my opinion).

Which comes in handy when you’ve spilt your skinny mocha choco latte alllllll down yourself in public and have to whip off your jumper post haste before the third degree burns set in.

Am I accidentally semi naked in London Bridge station? Or is it fashun?? Who knows. I’m painting the worst picture of myself RN but here we are.

Hunkemoller lingerie

Super styling

Here I’ve paired the emily bralette from Hunkemoller with a blazer and a pair of jeans for a day to night look. Pastels are just giving me all the spring summer feels right now, and there is just something satisfying about walking around looking like the sassiest sweet shop there ever was.

As an awkward 13 year old going through puberty (still waiting for it to hit, lol) I cringed at the thought of having to buy bras and the whole situation just filled me with dread. But I do feel as a nation we’re becoming braver in our fashion choices, which in my eyes is a good thing.

Boobs, we all have them. Underwear, we all wear it. Why not embrace it and wear a style that makes us feel sassy AF, and if that means wearing underwear as outerwear, why not?

Even if you don’t dare to bare or have melons rather than lemons, there’s ways you can get involved by wearing a cute bra or bralette under a sheer shirt or a lace bodysuit. It’s not a trend for everyone but personally I am 100% here for the underwear as outerwear trend, plus the comfort levels are through the roof. Which is never a bad thing!

Are you guys fans of underwear as outerwear? Lemme know xo

Hunkemoller lingerie

*[AD-Gifted] The lingerie featured in this post was sent to me to review, but all opinions are my own.

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