City Guide: 3 nights in Stockholm

Hello and welcome to another episode of my inability to stay in the UK, ft 3 nights in Stockholm. The reason for this trip was an abundance of free will and a passion for meatballs. No cap, apart from the one I wore to the airport. 

It still amuses me that this overgrown child is permitted to make her own decisions, but here we are.

3 nights in Stockholm3 nights in Stockholm: Where to stay

Hotel Gio is located just outside the city centre in Solna. It appealed as it had a gym, lush interiors, a gorgeous restaurant and was easily accessed by public transport. I won’t lie to you my decision making was skewed based on seeing a Pomeranian featured in the reviews… the only negative reviews I saw were ones complaining the beds were too soft and frankly, grow up.

With influences from 50’s Italy, I was greeted with muted pink and mint interiors, quirky geometric furniture, and plenty of marble. They also have a “living room “where you can grab tea and coffee and socialise with other guests, naturally I didn’t because I had no desire to socialise with other guest’s, teehee.

Mama Giò

I checked in early eve and grabbed food at the hotel restaurant Mama Giò – the porcini was DIVINE, defo worth writing home about. Was this partly due to surviving solely on a spicy tuna sandwich and a bunch of nervous pre-flight energy. Potentially. Dessert options are good too I but don’t recommend getting an affogato before bed, unless you want to be bouncing off the walls at 1am like I was.

Stay here:

hotel gio stockholmhotel gio stockholm

3 nights in Stockholm: Getting around

From the airport: You can get the Flygbussarna to and from the airport, which is so easy even I managed it – a return journey is about £12-15 depending on the time of day. You can also prebook before your trip which saves time messing about with queuing on arrival.

Book your airport bus here:

SL App: Depending on length of your stay it’s worth getting a 24hour/72 hour/ 7 day travelcard which covers buses, trains and boats (more on this later lol) the SL app will also show you when the buses arrive and help you plan your journey.

You need to activate your ticket in the app before you use it as it lasts exactly 24 hours from when activated, so make sure you do this just before you travel.

Do not get a taxi. Day light robbery.

Travel tip: Use SL app & buy a travelcard:–tickets/smart-phone-ticket-app

3 nights in stockholmstockholm

The Royal Palace of Stockholm

First stop was the Royal Palace of Stockholm located in Gamla Stan – so much baroque, so little time. One of Europe’s largest palaces, with over 600 rooms, the Palace is big enough to get royally lost in. With enough crowns to make your head spin (literally!), Stockholm Palace is basically a giant royal dress-up party waiting to happen.

You can easily spend a few hours cruising and perusing the elaborate ceilings and artwork which feel like royal gossip coming to life, bursting with colourful frescoes and intricate plasterwork that tell tales of history and grandeur.

I also lost all evidence of adult in the gift shop when I bought an entire stack of chocolate coins for absolutely no reason.

Travel tip: Tickets are roughly £13-14 and you can buy them in advance or on the day. Tours are also available but the idea of having to follow any sort of instructions is against everything  I stand for, so naturally I did a Jason Derulo and went solo

Royal palace of stockholm3 nights in stockholm


Sweden’s obsession with fika (coffee, cake and catch ups) is as if they invented a culture based on my entire personality. And after 2 hours of palace explores, I was due some liquid motivation.

Café Valet: I spied this café en route to the Royal Palace – was it a massively overpriced tourist trap? Yes. But I’m a sucker for a floral display and a cute bit of awning aka the architectural equivalent of a floppy hat, and once I spied the little cakes with Swedish flags. It was game over. There will be no apologies made here for being an exceptionally basic bitch when I’m travelling and the choux buns absolutely slapped, je ne regrette rien.

3 nights in stockholmfika stockholm


A short 12 min riverside stroll later I was at the Nationalmuseum – this grand building on Blasieholmen island is in Stockholm’s centre and looks like it was ripped straight from a Renaissance dream.

From ancient scribbles to head-scratching modern art, you’ll find pieces from all over the world. Keep an eye out for remarkable Rembrandts, flamboyant Rubenses, and Dürers so detailed you’ll need the .3 zoom on your iPhone (if your eyesight is as horrendous as mine).

Book tickets here: Tickets £11-12

nationalmuseum3 nights in museum nationalmuseum

Stockholm Underground

In my trainspotting era. This is going to sound like a very weird recommendation considering my aversion to public transport at home but if you’re in Stockholm… get the underground.  The Stockholm underground system is said to be the world’s longest art exhibit with 100 stations filled with unique artwork it makes for the perfect rainy-day activity.

Travel tip: From first-hand experience, avoid the underground during rush-hour. The best time to take a tour is midday in the middle of the week.

3 nights in stockholmstockholm underground

Stockholm Public Library

Going to a local library when I knew approximately one word in Swedish was a slightly ridiculous decision on paper, I’m aware. But as a self-certified book hoarder and knowing that Stockholm Public library was listed as one of the world’s most beautiful libraries by Conde Nast Traveller, aka the holy grail, it was high on my visit list.

The architects designed the library with light in mind which is such a refreshing change from most dingy reading rooms. Huge windows and a light-coloured interior make it feel bright and airy, home to over 2million books complete with roof terrace. If it hadn’t been cold enough for my teeth to tap dance, I would have absolutely wasted a few hours on the terrace in the sunshine.

stockholm public librarystockholm public library

Gamla Stan

Another must visit. Gamla Stan, meaning “Old Town” in Swedish, is the historic centre of Stockholm. It’s a beautiful and vibrant area filled with cobblestone streets, colourful buildings, and a rich history dating back to the 13th century. I visited both in the daytime and evening, it’s packed full of shops and restaurants, you will have to dodge hoards of tourists but the architecture more than makes up for it.

Travel tip: Grab a coffee in one of the little cafés in the main square to give your legs a rest and people watch

gamla stangamla stan

3 nights in Stockholm: Where to eat

I’m aware this blog is already 3-5 business days long as I’m a top tier yapper, so I’ll keep this brief but I couldn’t complete a city guide without a few food and drinks reccies:

  • Ostermalms market hall – Packed with fresh bread, cakes, meat, sweets, and traditional delicacies there’s pretty much every type of food you could imagine here + lots of cute stalls to pick up gifts for friends and fam
  • Nybroe Smørrebrød – The perfect lunch time pit stop. Visit here for delicious open sandwiches, think rye bread, fresh salmon, brie & chutney *chefs kiss*
  • Teatergrillen – Spicy Marg’s go hard. I want to revisit to try the food menu, and everyone was so well dressed here, big fan
  • Restaurant Riche – Interiors are 10/10 and the meatballs are an eleven. Stop by here for dinner and stay for the vibes
  • Ramblas – Located in Södermalm, one of the liveliest neighbourhoods in Stockholm, think buzzy bars, bijou indie shops and tapas. Aka the perfect excuse to never commit to just one meal. I ordered enough for a family of 5. Delicious.
  • Nyko Kitchen – Upmarket lunch vibes. Swung by here for a duck terrine and it was just incredible, a must visit
  • Pas D’Art – The décor here is insane and their espresso martinis brought me back from the dead

sodermalm tapaspas d'artNever met a boat I didn’t like

Ok so remember I said you could use your travelcard on a boat. I of course decided to acquire a boat with next to no knowledge of where it was going. Funny story… is any blog complete without one? I did have one very unplanned and chaotic night whilst in Stockholm.

I was spotted wandering around like a lost sheep and was almost instantly adopted by a group of lovely friends. I joined them for a drink, which turned into dinner, which then turned into picante’s, multiple clubs, a 5am finish and me “forgetting” to check out of my hotel at 11am.

stockholm city guiderestaurant riche

My alarm the next day woke me up like a body slam, to the jaw. Unnecessary ouch. Did I need to slam limoncello off the table on Saturday evening when I needed to pack and check out the next day? On reflection probably not. But doing stuff for the plot has become somewhat of a characteristic.

rose club stockholm

I’m not sure there’s a sensible recommendation in this section, I probably shouldn’t be advising anyone to hop on boats with strangers (sorry mum lol). But what I would say is that everyone should take a solo trip at least once. It’s so liberating operating on your own schedule, making decisions on a whim and seeing where the day takes you, it took me back to the 6 wonderful months I spent in Asia. Suddenly crave a Pad Thai…

3 nights in stockholmstockholm

Right, that’s more than enough from me today, thanks for coming to my TED Talk. As always suggested itinerary is below. Besos x

Suggested itinerary for 3 nights in Stockholm:

Day 1

  • Royal Palace of Stockholm
  • FIKA @ Café Valet
  • National Museum
  • Lunch @ Ostermalms market hall
  • Underground art tour
  • Stockholm public library
  • Dinner @ Stockholms Gastabud

Day 2

  • Starkyrobrinken
  • Gamla Stan
  • Stortorget
  • Prastgatan
  • Tysta brinken
  • Sodermalm
  • Lunch @ Ramblas
  • Transgund
  • Dinner @ Restaurant Riche

Day 3

  • Kakenhusen
  • Norrmalm
  • Lunch @ Nyko Kitchen
  • Eataly (shopping)
  • Cocktails @ Pas D’Art
  • Fly home 🙁

More city guide inspo:


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