I came, I saw, I contoured

Although I’ve come a long way from Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and that famous blue mascara/pink eyeshadow combo, I am in no way a beauty expert. I do, however, look after my skin a little better than when I thought baby wipes were the best source of makeup remover… thank god.

If you read my previous blog about serum, you’ll know that when I returned from travelling and was fast approaching that big 30, I figured I should probably start embracing a proper skin care routine complete with serums and night cream. I was psyched when Skinkissed got in touch about reviewing their products (and a bit apprehensive) as my skin can be really sensitive and unpredictable. Using new products can sometimes send my skin from calm and clear to pepperoni pizza slice in a hot minute!

First thoughts on Skinkissed

I ordered the Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum which retails at £29.95 and it arrived in just a few days. My first thoughts were, omg it smells like my Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum, which has to be a good sign right? It has an orangey smell and doesn’t feel sticky or thick, the way some serums can feel. My skin is a real combination – think oily t-zone and Sahara desert everywhere else. Anything too thick can turn my face into an oil slick which is just not attractive, but luckily Skinkissed is super light and feels lovely and smooth to apply.

How to use Skinkissed

  • Addition to your makeup
  • As a primer under your foundation treatment
  • As part of a skincare routine for oily skin
  • Morning and Night – After washing your face, beneath moisturiser

As you can see there are a few different ways to use Skinkissed, but I predominantly use it as a primer underneath my foundation. As I found it soaks in well to my skin and gives a smooth base for makeup application.

The Verdict

As I haven’t had a problem with acne, I can’t comment on whether this would be effective as a treatment, but I can say that the serum has been a welcome addition to my skin care routine. Skinkissed smells great and over the last few weeks, I have noticed an improvement in the smoothness of my skin, as well as the nice dewy look it gives under makeup. So if you’re looking for a new serum or primer I’d definitely recommend giving Skinkissed a try.

If you’d like to give Skinkissed a go, feel free to use my discount code: asseeninsw1615for 15% off and let me know what you think!

*This review contains PR samples but all opinions are my own


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