BLANX toothpaste review: A whiter smile

I’m going to be straight with you – I don’t like my teeth. I always think I look like I have too many or not enough, or they’re just not straight, I don’t even know what it is, I’m just not a fan. But whiter teeth is something I’ve always wanted, so I was really happy to review BLANX toothpaste. 

When people take photos when I’m laughing I swear it looks like I’m trying to eat an apple through a letterbox. They’re not my favourite part of me and I also drink way too much tea and coffee for them to be as white as I’d like.

BLANX Toothpaste: So fresh and so clean clean

My toothpaste selection process normally consists of grabbing whatever I spot whilst on a food shop, normally Colgate or Aquafresh and not thinking too much about it. Despite being intrigued by other brands I am such a creature of habit, so naturally, my cupboard is normally full of the same old suspects. When BLANX got in touch to see if I wanted to try out their pro whitening range I was super excited and everyone knows that when you’re deemed worthy to promote whitening toothpaste you’ve made it in the insta world… kidding (well kinda).

BLANX tooothpaste

The Lowdown

So first thoughts, the packaging is super cute and looks more premium than your bog standard high street toothpaste.

  • You can pick up the whole range from Boots
  • Each tube of toothpaste is around £6.

I had read that whitening toothpaste can make your teeth sensitive so I was a bit apprehensive that it might affect my tea and ice-cream consumption, but I can happily say that none of the BLANX toothpaste had a negative effect on my teeth! Also, teeth whitening kits tend to be ££££ so I’ve always been a little put off due to the price but at only £6 I thought what is there to lose?

BLANX Toothpaste: The Verdict

I wanted to use the toothpaste for a few weeks consistently to give a fair review so I swapped our usual toothpaste for BLANX and after a month of use, I can definitely see a difference in the colour of my teeth. Another thing I liked about BLANX is that its non-abrasive formula cleans without damaging the enamel on your teeth, meaning no sensitivity issues!

The harshest critic in our house is Dem, he’d been using it for a few days and initially had completely written it off but after two weeks he’d changed his tune and admitted his teeth were whiter after using BLANX!

My fave out of the three was the BlanX PRO Glossy White (pink packaging) which is clear rather than the Blanx Pro Fresh White which is actually a blue toothpaste and a bit of a nightmare for marking the sink tbh. I also found the PRO Glossy White gave a slightly better clean than the other two, so this will be my go-to choice from the range.

You can scoop the range from Boots for around £6 – I’m now a converted #BLANXbabe and I think Dem is too! The BlanX LED accelerator is next on my wishlist – have you tried any of the BLANX range? xo

BLANX Toothpaste

*this review contains gifted PR samples but all opinions are my own


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