My 2019 Spring favourites

A Lot of people LOVE spring and yes the blossom is pretty but I find the season a bit meh. It’s generally not hot enough to ditch your coat, an umbrella is a necessary accessory for every single outfit and bare legs offer a huge risk for hypothermia. All in all, it’s a risky season.

But I thought I’d try something new and put together a post on some things I’ve been loving since Spring has sprung. Also in the name of full disclosure – all of the below products have been hashtag #gifted.

The bigger the hoop, the bigger the…

I used to love nothing more than a JLO hoop and don’t get me wrong, there are still times when I feel like channelling my inner Jenny from the Block. But realistically I’m Hannah from the house and for everyday wear, dainty hoops are where it’s at. They are also much easier on the ears than a couple of Pat Butcher chandeliers.

As you can see these two pairs of Daisy London earrings, although very different in style and metals, sit nicely together and compliment each other well. The earrings shown in this post are from the Estee La Londe collection, the gold pair are the Sunburst Shield hoop earrings – £75. And the silver pair are the Octagonal Huggie hoops – £35. Daisy London also has an entire section of their site dedicated to hoops if, like me, you’re a hoop fiend. They also sell studs and necklaces too (between you and me I have my eye on the matching sunburst shield necklace next).

Daisy London jewellery

I think the Sunburst shield hoops might be my new favourite earrings – because they are such good quality and look beyond gorgeous on. Gone are the days where I’m willing to settle for a 6 pair pack from Primark and a green ear. Both pairs of earrings also come in little velvet pouches which are sectioned so the earrings don’t scratch each other in transit. Genius.  

I ain’t sayin she a goal getter. Well actually, I am…

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a plan. Not necessarily always making my own plan, but give me a plan or goal to work towards and I’m all over it. And this is exactly why I’ve fallen pen over hands, in love with my new life planner from CGD. Technology is great, as is the notes section of my phone, but it’s just not the same as being able to physically make a list with pen and paper. The notes section on your phone can be deleted, once you’ve penned something, it’s there to stay.

CGD LondonI love the ethos behind the life planner as it is all about following your dreams, creating your own story and getting shit done. The planner shown in the photo is the daily planner which is aimed at helping you to sort your life out, stay on top of work, gym, socialising and avoid being such a thirsty b**ch. Joking, but there are tick boxes for the amount of water consumed each day!

Make sure to check in with me in a few months time to see if I’ve sorted out my life, or at least managed to successfully plan and cook a few meals without encouragement from the fire alarm. If you’d like one of your very own – use my code LASHES15 for 15% off your whole order. 

The wonderful Wineapp

Living in a world where you can pretty much get anything delivered, from clothes and shoes to furniture and food. It was about time the delivery gods gifted us with an alcoholic equivalent. Sure I’ve tried Nighthawk but the mark up on their products is just ridic. Enter Wineapp – affordable, quick and easy to use. Is there anything better than wine turning up 45 mins after you order it? I’ll wait.

At the mo, they only operate in London Zones 1&2 but are sure to expand soon. If you want to give them a swirl feel free to use my code HD198 for £15 of free credit (note this is an affiliate code where I get wine credit for every person that uses my code – with no additional cost to you).

Spring 2019 fashion

Jumping around for Jumper dresses

I mentioned previously that I was totally over jumpers, jumper dresses on the other hand. Different ball game entirely. Jumper dresses are not season specific and they don’t require tights or jeans!

This one was kindly gifted by Blackburd as part of the #BoldinBlackburd campaign and is the softest item of clothing I’ve ever owned. I was a bit wary because I have legs like a baby giraffe and have had previous issues with jumper dresses just being, well, jumpers. And I was in no mind to be showing everyone what I’d had for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  

Luckily the length of this jumper dress was perfect (lengthwise – I probably wouldn’t wear it to work) but it was ideal for a day or evening out. Also, I can’t fault the quality, as I hadn’t bought from Blackburd before I didn’t know what to expect, but I was really impressed so prepare to see me living in it for the foreseeable future.

Spring 2019 fashion

Chunky yet funky

I’m so happy that chunky trainers are a trend RN. I’m all about comfort and these fit the bill perfectly and have had me walking around on two size 6 shaped clouds. These little beauts were from Deichmann. Now I remember when Deichmann were all plain Jane shoes for squares. But no longer, their chunky trainer selection is lit AF. I was also impressed with their selection of heels – which are a far cry from the boxy black shoes of previous years. Also, the trainers shown above come in at £29.99 Bargs.

And that my dears, is a wrap. Hope you’ve enjoyed my little Spring shortlist – would love to know what is sizzling for you this Spring, let me know in the comments xo

*[AD-Gifted] All products featured in this post have been sent to me to review, and this post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.


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