Once upon a timepiece: ADEXE

ADEXE watches: more than just a way to pass the time.

Spending the weekend at home in East Sussex in November is all I needed to start full Christmas mode, that and dressing my dog up in the snowman outfit kindly gifted by Auntie Sonia. Let’s face it I don’t need much encouragement.

My mum is an absolute little gem and has such a creative eye when it comes to taking photos, one that doesn’t come as naturally to me, unfortunately! So when I mentioned to her that I’d been asked to collaborate on the ADEXE Christmas campaign and needed to take some photos to show my beautiful new watch in all its glory, she was all over it.

Selfie factory London

Functional fashion

I love watches. You can’t get told off for buying a watch, a watch is functional. How many watches can you own? The limit does not exist. I just wish I had more than two arms so I could wear more than one at one time (which according to Dem is a ludicrous comment).

I chose the THEY Grande – White & Brown. The THEY range is a unisex range which can be worn by anyone, which is a great concept (as I often like the chunkiness of men’s watches) but often can’t wear them due to the spindly nature of my wrists, so this watch was the perfect solution.


ADEXE: Perfectly pink packaging

The watch comes in a beautiful coral and pink box emblazoned with the ADEXE logo and as I’m a huge fan of packaging this was a big tick for me. There’s nothing worse than buying something and being underwhelmed by the packaging! The watch comes with two straps – which I was pleasantly surprised with. I have often puzzled over what watch to wear based on the strap, so having the choice to swap between the brown and black gave an indecisive gal like me a big helping hand.

The watch sits nicely on the wrist and is extremely comfy to wear. They also have a whole page on their website where you shop their insta feed – for those of you (like me) that like to see the products on real people/ get inspiration what to wear them with. This was extremely helpful when I was dithering about what watch to pick – which was a very difficult decision.


ADEXE: Christmas gifting galore

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a loved one, or just want to treat yo self, I’d definitely recommend checking out ADEXE as they have so many nice watches to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a dressy watch for the evening or a day to day timepiece, this watch pretty much fits the bill either way. They have such a wide selection of watches you’re almost guaranteed to find one that ticks all the boxes (pun intended). It’s practically impossible to only choose only one, something tells me I’ll be back for another sooner rather than later!

Have you bought an ADEXE watch before? Let me know, I’d love to know which one you chose! Plus use my discount: ASSEENINSW15 to scoop 15% off everything!

Adexe They watchChristmas giftingChristmas gifting

*The watch shown in this post was a gifted item, but all opinions are my own


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