Top 6 things to do in Gran Canaria

*ad – the hotel & activities mentioned in this post were gifted as part of a press trip with Jet2Holidays but all opinions are my own.

Yet another travel blog for you – am I officially back in the swim of things? Recently I flew from London Stansted to Gran Canaria with Jet2holidays for a fun filled four days in the sunshine. I was pleasantly surprised with how much you can tailor the trip to you. Whether you’re a resort roamer, a beach bum or an adventure addict there’s something for everyone. Are we ready for me to spill the tea on the big G.C?

Let’s Jet2 Gran Canaria

Flying out to Gran Canaria I had a whole row of seats to myself, where I took the opportunity to stretch out, binge on Netflix, make a dent in my novel & tuck away Pringles like a deprived animal. Arriving in a new city refreshed, rested & relaxed was a great start not gonna lie.  

In addition to the R&R, I actually managed to skim a inflight magazine irl (missed you) no masks were required (deep joy) & I spied some enticing duty free sliding up & down the the aisle (most tempted by the Lizzy Arden 8 hour cream, if anyone has any thoughts on whether it’s worth it hmu besties because I can’t make decisions). 

top 6 things to do in Gran Canaria

Where to stay: Lopesan Baobab

Have you ever dreamed of living in Jurassic Park? Minus the roaming dinosaurs. If so, read on… The rooms are huge. I’m talking, could house a dinosaur. Huge. With a theme that lends itself to the slopes of Kilimanjaro, this place does not skimp on details. Drenched in palm greenery and within minutes from Gran Canaria’s key landmarks, this African themed resort is the perfect location for families or couples looking for a luxe getaway.

Lopesan Baobab is a 5 star hotel situated in Meloneras with its own fitness centre and spa facilities, it’s also dog friendly (win). If you’re an active Annie they offer an abundance of sport activities, from tennis, to diving, to golf, don’t tell Dem I mentioned the last one. If this sounds like your jam, the Lopesan Baobab resort can be booked here through the Jet2holidays website. 

Lopesan Baobab resort

Waking up to birds cheeping  would normally turn me into a straight savage (twells has an abundance of wood pigeons that drive me up the wall) but waking up to birdsong in Gran Canaria was so refreshing. I’ve also spent a few years living in Peckham with neighbours from hell so anything remotely wholesome and friendly I’m in there like swimwear.

Speaking of swimwear, pack some as Lopesan Baobab has 7 pools, a lazy river, 2 artificial beaches, waterfalls, caves – you name it they have it. But you’re going to want to dunk. The breakfast selection needs its own blog tbh because they literally have all bases covered which explains why I had pancakes, churros and pick a mix in one sitting. If you’re currently looking into Canary Island hotels – this is definitely one to consider. 

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Old quarter 

On our first day we stumbled across a fabulous mix of Modernist, Bauhaus and Spanish colonial architecture in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Old quarter. If you’re a fan of cobbled streets, gorgeous boutiques and buildings that have been standing for over five centuries then this place is well worth a visit. Follow the winding streets, visit the bustling fruit and vegetable market, take in the sites and treat yourself to some tapas. With every corner brings a new perspective of the city. 

Travel tip: Make sure to visit Las Palmas Cathedral with its brilliant gothic style architecture and design and interiors worked in imitation of palm-trees. It’s a showstopper.

Maspalomas Dunes

Spanning over 1000 acres you will think you’ve accidentally landed in the Sahara. The dunes were top of my personal itinerary. This was the hardest place to capture visually but you need to experience them because the landscape is simply stunning. Obvs I arrived armed with a vision board of the type of shots I wanted to create and it’s safe to say the sand and wind did not comply.

Cue aggressive climbing, sand in unmentionable places, roaming randoms, a few awkward accidental butt flashes and a lot of laughs. Huge shout out to Jasmine that managed to nail the shots when I was on hands and knees scrambling up and down hot mounds of sand and getting knotted in my dress.

Travel tip: take some water and be prepared to climb for the best views over the dunes. Rolling back down is not advised unless you’re planning on a mouthful of sand. You heard it here first. 

Maspalomas sand dunesTop things to do in Grand Canaria - sand dunes

I’ve got 99 problems but rum ain’t one

I’ll level with you here, I haven’t dabbled in rum since I got carried away with señor Captain Morgan a few years back, rendering it impossible for me to make eye contact with food or humans the next day. It was bad. So despite not being rum’s bestie, it was so interesting to see the journey from conception to pour.

Arehucas Rum distillery contains one of the oldest rum cellars in Europe where you can learn about rum processing, visit the mill and distillation rooms, as well as sampling some of their handmade rum and liqueurs. A visit to the distillery will typically take around an hour and you’re guaranteed to leave happier than when you entered. 

Travel tip: Swipe a bottle of the honey rum from the gift shop on the way out, it’s top tier. 

Arehucas Rum distillery

Tegeda and Fataga village

I had initially thought this trip would be more of a sun sea and sangria kinda vibe but this four day action packed jaunt to Gran Canaria with Jet2holidays proved me pleasantly wrong. Despite adequate warning of the temp drops of this picturesque mountain range I rocked up in a little skirt and a crop top because I can’t be trusted to make sensible decisions when it comes to clothing. Please see what I packed for Portugal

If you visit Tegeda you’ll be treated to pretty villages, archaeological sites and dramatic volcanic views. This place puts a very different meaning to having your head in the clouds as the mountains quite literally disappear into the sky. The perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of central Maspalomas. 

Fataga village

Fataga village is famously referred to as the “Valley of the Thousand Palms,” this dreamy mountain location is awash with white houses, quaint restaurants and ravine views. A trip here will grant you an oasis of calm where you can visit the beautiful San Jose Church, take in an art gallery or even enjoy a camel ride. 

Bodega Señor de Cabrera wine tour

I put on my jewellery just to go to the bodega. On our last full day we headed to Bodega Señor de Cabrera for a wine tour and lunch in the mountains. A chance to indulge in the views, sip some vino and tuck into tapas. Aka ze best afternoon plans imaginable. You will feel totally at home here, think traditional cooked Canarian food, kittens beneath your feet, views for days and oh my the vino.

Safe to say I indulged in all of the above. Also I fear walking uphill in a ridiculous dress after multiple vinos has become a personality trait…

top 6 things to do in gran canaria - BODEGA SEÑOR DE CABRERABODEGA SEÑOR DE CABRERABanana nananana

I spent a lot of my teenage years responding to “Hannah Banana” which pays homage to my odd sense of humour and ability to rhyme Hannah with pretty much anything *please see Hannah in Ljubljana, Han in Milan, Parisi-Han, the list goes on. You may as well just subscribe to OnlyHans already…

La ReKompensa Gran Canaria top things to doLa ReKompensa banana plantation Gran Canaria top things to do

Getting to the point. We visited a Banana Plantation in Gran Canaria- why it isn’t called a bananery I will never understand. Canarian hacienda, La ReKompensa spans 56.500 m2 of land complete with banana trees, a gorgeous courtyard, accommodation, a banana museum and even the option to rent out the space and accommodation to get married. 

Travel tip: If you’re offered homemade banana cake or milkshake whilst visiting the plantation say yes. It makes the perfect afternoon adventure snack.

Gran Canaria things to do

Hopefully, I’ll have inspired you to book flights and Jet2 Gran Canaria immediately, if not sooner, and if you’ve been to Gran Canaria and I’ve missed any of your faves, let me know in the comments. I have lots of foodie reco’s, but in classic me style, they needed their own write-up that you can check out here – stay hungry besties xo 

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*ad – the hotel & activities mentioned in this post were gifted as part of a press trip with Jet2Holidays but all opinions are my own.


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      So much more than a pool holiday! I was pleasantly surprised too 😍😍

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    woahhh you really know how to sell a place!!! deffo adding to my top places to visit 😍 love your writing

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      Thank you so much! Such a great place to visit ~ so much to do 😍

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