Review: Crown Brush – from a non expert

I’m going to sound real stupid here, but if you asked me to name the make up brushes I use on a daily basis, I’d probably use words like “flat brush”, “bushy brush” and “tiny little eye brush”. Basically I’m no makeup expert, but I was so excited when asked to review Crown Brush!

I’ve said it for years, make up brands should add everyday people to their PR lists. All these cut creases and lewks are great and they do look wonderful. But Jane that does her makeup on the train on the way to work doesn’t have time for a cut crease, she just wants a powder that holds her resting bitch face on throughout a rainy Monday morning. No drams.

If you’re anything like me (praying for you if you are) I spend 20 mins on my make up in the morning then that’s me done for the day. If I’m out in the evening and think I’ll need a top up, I’ll chuck my makeup bag and a few brushes in my handbag and voila. Here comes the first problem angels…

Review: Crown Brush // 7 piece brush set

I’m going to tell it you straight, this is the girl that carries a spare fork and spoon in her handbag in case she needs to eat whilst out and about. There’s lots of other stuff at the bottom of my handbag… which isn’t great when you pull out a contour brush with a Trebor mint stuck to it. Keeping it classy.

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Moral of the story – I need something to keep my brushes safe from wandering confectionery. At £31.99 these Crown Brushes come with a handy little lilac case and can be packed away easily- most high end brushes come in at £15+ per brush. So £31.99 for 7 brushes is a total Barry bargain!

This set of brushes are also super soft and have lilac tips, which is just adorable. I have opted for cheaper brushes in the past and ended up with little brush hairs on my face, which, I can’t stress enough – is just not attractive in the slightest.

I’ve been trialling these brushes for the past week and couldn’t recommend them enough. Plus if your makeup needs touching up when you’re out and about, the little lilac case makes everything so much easier!

Crown Brush review

Brush Specs

Name: Set 523 Purple HD makeup brush set

Price £31.99

This set includes the following:

  • 1X Pro Powder
  • 1X Tapered Blush
  • 1X Deluxe Contour
  • 1X Chisel Shadow
  • 1X Crease Blender
  • 1X Detail Liner
  • 1X Mirror
  • 1X Pair of Purple tweezers
  • 1X Purple Patent Case

Review: Crown Brush // Demi Lashes

Can we just take note that this is the second time Behind The False Lashes has actually featured lashes. Look at my blog coming through with the goods for those perusing the internet for lash advice.

First up I didn’t know that Crown Brush did lashes – so I learnt something there (they also do eye-shadow palettes and all manner of different makeup – but that’s not what we’re here to talk about).

Demi Lashes

I picked these Demi  lashes to try out on the recommendation of my little sis who does the most amazing make up looks, that and they have the same name as my fiance, lol.

As I mentioned previously – I love false eyelashes, they add some glam to any occasion. Typically I only wear lashes for an evening out, gone are the days when I’d get up half an hour to apply lashes!

I was pleasantly surprised with these lashes which come in at £5.49 (currently on sale at £3.99) which apply so easily and stay put all day. Another thing I like about these lashes is they aren’t too full on, they’re subtle and sassy without looking like you’ve given your eyelids wings.

Demi lashes spec

Name: Demi lashes

Price: £5.49 – currently on sale for £3.99

You can check out the brushes here and here for the lashes. Have you ever tried lashes or brushes from Crown Brush? Or maybe, like moi – you feel passionate that non-make up artists should be added to PR lists to show off their train makeup in all its glory ? Let me know xo

*The products shown in this post were gifted, but all opinions are my own


  1. wagsandtails June 24, 2019 / 1:51 pm

    Yes – I want to watch tutorials from real life people in real life places. How to get that perfect winged liner on the tube. How to get your eyebrows to match in the back of a cab. How to do your nails at work without your boss noticing!

    • misshldolan
      June 24, 2019 / 2:16 pm

      Haha that last one is a cracker!! I’d read that too 😂😂😂😂

  2. wagsandtails June 24, 2019 / 2:43 pm

    I’ll wait in anticipation for your new vlog series!

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