My 30 before I’m 30

Why all of a sudden am I concerning myself with facial serum? Why does my arm skin wave of it’s own accord? Why do I suddenly feel a flicker of interest when Location Location Location presents itself on a Tuesday? Louis Theroux – love him. Slippers – Wouldn’t be without them. Winter – don’t forget a scarf. WTAF.

I can actually remember thinking 30 was absolutely ancient and in almost no time at all here I am.. on the wrong side of 25. What has happened here, please?

I figured it was time to make a list of things to achieve before I hit the big 30 in July. Hello, anxious list maker – good to see you’re still around! Some of these have been on my to-do list for an age and can be ticked off straight away (travel, nose piercing, dog) hurrah. But I’ll be blogging my way through the rest of my 30 before I’m 30 so please help me out by not waving wheels of cheese under my nose while I’m in my month of Veganism and offering emotional support in my time of fitness challenge need.

I’ve tried to stick with things that will benefit me mentally, physically or culturally .. some of the challenges cling slightly more tenuously to the theme than others (i.e Pizza in Italy) but you get the idea…

1. Go Veggie for a month – I always say I’m going to try more meat-free dishes because I do really enjoy them but then at the last min end up bunging some chicken in at the last minute! Willpower? What even is that.

2. Change my hair colour – Being blonde for years – I needed a change – so this year I actually went and changed my bloody hair! The only prob now is that it’s flung open the door of possibility so now I want to change my hair every week..

3. Own a dog – This has to be on everyone’s list right? Her name is Bear. She makes me happy. She’s so fluffy I wanna die.

4. Find out something mum has always wanted to do and do it with her – decision making time mother!

5. Do a fitness challenge/ marathon – This bad-boy has been following me around for 9 years uncompleted- time to change all that. Please offer me pats on the back and hair strokes in way of motivation. Warning: I will cry at some point.

6. Practice meditation – learn to switch off and unplug- even just 3 mins a day

7. No sugar for a month (even natural sugar) – I love sugar and sugar loves me. Although I’ve cut down I still have way too much – this month is all about helping build some awareness in how much sugar goes into processed food.. zzz.. have I lost you?

8. Do some sort of yoga class -This is one of my “been meaning to’s” and I could do with some more “Zen” tbh

9. Eat pizza in Italy – Italy is stunning. Pizza is my favourite. This should be an easy one (ahem, Dem if you’re reading).

10. Get a personal shopper – I love trying up new styles and trends and have been a stylist before myself but would love to see someone else’s interpretation of what would suit me.

11. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz or Claridge’s – Tea somewhere fancy? Don’t even need a reason. Tea buddy applications open now.

12. No more occasional boozy cigs – I have been known to have a menthol under the close supervision of Mr Pinor Noir – stopping as of.. now (sorry mum)

13. Stop drinking alcohol for a month – I’ve done this one before but it’s a good one to do to kick off a cleanse – particularly with a fitness challenge planned..

14. Read more – 30 more books before I’m 30 – I love reading but always say I don’t have time, so this one is to make sure I make time. Kicking off with Gary V.

15. Go an entire weekend without technology (phone/TV/laptop/radio) – Honestly sometimes I could punch myself in the face – how I’ll do this god only knows! Digi detox buddy.. anyone?

16. Become a life admin extraordinaire – get one of those folders mum told me to keep all my paperwork in at uni (that, I didn’t) and file stuff

17. Take some sort of creative class – something to do with writing – Improving my writing skills has to be a good thing right? I’m sure some people read my blog and hate my style of writing. Hi, btw!

18. Go Vegan for a month – Chocolate and cheese are bae so this is going to be probably the hardest for me, but character building right? Also looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen (how much will I regret not having my failsafe fish finger and Halloumi dins)

19. Get my nose pierced – Done – it hurt! Mark (stepdad) was that much of a fan that he offered to remove with bolt cutters – sweet.

20. Backpack around the world and stay in some dodgy hostels – I went travelling last year did you hear? Course you did. Best. Experience. Ever.

21. Go to a country where you don’t speak the language – DONE (see above) – have you ever tried to explain what you’d like to eat by acting it out? You should, it’s pretty funny.

22. Spend a few hours jumping around at FlipOut – Because everyone needs to feel like a 5 year old child sometimes.

23. Wear a pair of heels for an entire day – (no cheating)- I’m such a shit adult, I always have a lengthy selection of back up shoes (trainers underneath my desk/ flip flops in hedges at weddings) the idea of uncomfy shoes all day is totally NOT what I’m about.

24. Take one picture each day for 30 days – A month of moments – I’d like to think this will be quite easy but there’s only so many times I can take a picture of my morning coffee?!

25. Take a 30 min walk each day for 30 days – I sit on my ass at work today. Raining? Windy? Too Hot? – excuses for my excuses. You get the picture.

26. Don’t complain about anything for a whole day – This will be a challenge I am SUCH a whinger so this is sure to take me a few attempts!

27. Be braver – I am SUCH a creature of habit and hate change! There’s no hard metrics on this one but let’s just say be more open to new things

28. Give blood – I’ve never done this before and I hate injections and needles but it’s for a good cause so that’s enough of a reason right? Oh and I heard there’s snacks?

29. Put together a spreadsheet and start saving every month – weddings and houses do not grow on trees – despite wishing they did

30. Volunteer – Help someone out, be a little more self-less – think everyone should try this.


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